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Freesat installation

Premier Aerial & Satellite Systems offers quick and efficient Freesat installations to customers.

Professional Freesat installers

Freesat brings you a great selection of free to air satellite TV channels in the UK.
The service comes from the same satellite which SKY use : Astra 28.2 east.
Freesat is a great alternative to Freeview especially if the Freeview signal is very poor in your area, or if you only have a limited number of channels.
Freesat is available by using a suitable satellite dish like the ones SKY use, and a Freesat receiver or integrated TV.

Extra satellite points can be fitted, call for more details.
Hidden / discrete dish service also available where possible.
Chimney / pole mount installations are non standard and are charged extra.

You can get more information from the Freesat website at

Our Sky repair and installation services include:

  • Re-site dish due to trees and others

  • Re-align dish due to high winds and others

  • Replace cables/LNBs

  • Sky box swap setup

  • Hidden dish installation - chimney, pole mount and others

  • Tidy up cables from poor Sky installation

  • Upgrade dish/box

You can also count on us to install European satellite TVs.

Expert Sky installers

Are you looking for reliable Sky installers? Look no further than Premier Aerial & Satellite Systems. We offer speedy Sky installation services at competitive prices to customers. You can watch and control your Sky system from anywhere in your home in HD quality. In addition to installations, we also offer Sky dish repair services. Get in touch with us for a free estimate.