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Satellite dishes installed professionally 

At Premier Aerial & Satellite Systems, we can install a wide range of satellite dishes, from a 45cm dish to a 1.2m dish on fixed systems and 1.1m dish on motorised systems.

Satellite dish, European satellite TV and motorised dish system installations

At Premier Aerial & Satellite Systems, we can install satellite dishes, European satellite TV and motorised dish systems quickly and efficiently. Thousands of channels are available on many different satellites out there, many of them being free to air.


We install systems that can pick up channels from many different countries and languages, for example: German, Polish, French, Italian, Spanish, Bulgarian, Romanian, Scandinavian, Serbian, Croatian, Greek, and Hungarian.

Our prices start at (single cable/LNB):

  • £110 for a Sky zone 2 76cm mesh dish, ideal budget dish for Hotbird/Astra 1/Eutelsat 9 east

  • £130 for a 64cm dish installation, for example Astra 1 19 east for German channels and others

  • £140 for an 80cm dish, for example Hotbird 13 east for Polish, Italian, Hellasat 39 east for Bulgarian, Hispasat 30 west for Spanish and others

  • £170 for a 1m dish, for example Thor 1w, 16 east, 42 east

  • £180 for a 1.1.m dish, for example Astra 4.8 east, 10 east, 23.5 east

We also offer TV wall mounting services.

Dishes installed on buildings in Cheshire

Our satellite dishes are compatible with all popular receivers such as Technomate, Blade, Zgemma, Openbox, Amiko, Icecrypt, Strong and others. Contact us for a price.